Many gun control laws have been passed for many years.

Gun control laws directly violate this right and therefore should not even be under consideration.
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New gun control laws will not stop them.

Gun control needs to be implied more in our society because gun related crimes are mostly committed by those diagnosed with mental illnesses, there is no contradiction with the second amendment, it has the ability to lower the amount of mass sh...

One topic that continues to make its way into our everyday lives is the epic “Gun Rights vs.
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Gun control sounds wonderful in theory: no guns means no shootings.

The reason why Americans own so many guns is because of the Second Amendment, which states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (Rauch) This amendment guarantees U.S.

We all want to feel safe, and it's easy to ascribe notions of safety to the idea of gun control.
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Even if that issue is overlooked, gun control advocates state that in order to reduce firearm related violence, gun control laws must be implemented to remove the violence caused by firearms....

Inside America today, gun control is a major issue, especially in the political arena....
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Guns are also used for hunting purposes.

Taking guns away from United States citizens that use them for many reasons, shooting practice, competition, hunting and self-defense, should not be punished for the acts of criminals....

Gun Control can make this country a safer environment to live in.

The right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee against self-incrimination, the First Amendment’s protection of speech and petitioning activity, all of these issues have been subject to contentious arguments in courts of law and the courts of public opinion....

Gun Control has obviously gone out of control in the recent years.

Some politicians are passionate about gun control and make voting decisions based upon on this issue alone; hence, the people we elect into office directly affect our lives.

One of the most important of them is about gun control laws.

The introduction of the Second Amendment opens up the controversial, yet well anticipated opportunity for United State citizens to be able to own guns.

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Since the United States has the highest number of deaths, it is important to have gun-control laws that restrict people from owning dangerous firearms like machine guns.

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Many find the mere concept of gun control invasive to their constitutional rights, while others see lack of gun control to be astoundingly dangerous and entirely chimerical....