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It helps to appreciate that they are in polynomically distinct domains of value.

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And, unlike the cases of pleasure considered above, these exemplify very ordinary occasions of what we might think of as the "good life." A leisurely Sunday, or a night out, with our friends and lovers, drinking, dancing, and talking, or listening to music, add up to a lot of the pleasure and enjoyment that we can imagine in daily life.

In all this pleasure is owed a certain pride of place in any theory of value.

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In performing arts, to the visual spectacle of the theater there is added the display of action, emotion, language, and story, perhaps with the addition of music.

But Schiller overlooked the more humble forms of non-moral value in ethics.

PaulJessop, Chief Technology Officer of the IFPI, said "If this is done properly, the artists and authors of music will be paid adequately for the sale of their works online." Gavin Robertson, general manager of , said "The industry is really in need of interoperable identification tags, and this technology appears to really fill a gap."

The characteristic of value in general is that it need not obtain in reality.

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Right now everyone is paralyzed." Other music label executives were quoted as saying "The decision might come down to: Do we give up 20 percent of our business (i.e., Wal-Mart) in order to not lose the entire business?...

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It is therefore better to call hortative and aesthetic value "latitudinarian," since it allows a "latitude" of goods and denies that there is a best life or a supreme good across a range of goods for human life.

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This sounds like the Hail Mary pass, and if it doesn't work, they could be out of the music business; or maybe they reduce music down to a couple of racks" Perhaps it is time to virtually kill the physical format in favor of uncompressed and/or lossless music downloads without DRM or other limitations.

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It is awkward to call hortative or aesthetic value "relativistic," since this would seem to be saying that moral is true, when actually moral relativism, just because of the existence of some moral absolutes, is false.

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Of course, shipping costs to the Klingon homeworld are dramatic, and it's so hard to get any music apart from Klingon opera there."See what's within this issue of