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One member of the French branch of the family, (1926–1997) founded the , based in , with €100 billion in assets, which today extends to 15 countries across the world. Although this Group is primarily a financial entity, specialising in asset management and private banking, its activities also cover mixed farming, luxury , and . The LCF Rothschild Group's committee is currently being chaired by Benjamin de Rothschild, Baron Edmond's son.

You are here: / The Vienna banking house / Railway business / Kaiser Ferdinand’s Nordbahn The Kaiser Ferdinand's Nordbahn (also known as the Emperor Ferdinand Northern Railway) was the name of Austria's first steam railway company railway company, built in the Austrian Empire by Salomon von Rothschild (1774-1855).

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In 1901, with no male heir to take it on, the Frankfurt House closed its doors after more than a century in business. It was not until 1989 that they returned when , the British investment arm, plus Bank Rothschild AG, the Swiss branch, set up a representative banking office in Frankfurt.

What can you tell us about Evelyn Rothschild, his current job or activities, and his connection, or lack thereof, to the European banking branch of the family?

The Sovietshave long accused Wall Street bankers of backing international fascism, buttheir own record of historical accuracy hardly lends their accusations muchcredence in the West, and they do not of course criticize support of theirown brand of fascism.

The Palais Nathaniel Rothschild was a palatial house in Vienna, one of five Palais Rothschild in the city owned by members of the Rothschild banking family of Austria. It was commissioned by Baron Nathaniel von Rothschild (1836–1905), the brother of Albert Salomon von Rothschild.