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Moreover, when Sanders said “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails” at the first primary debate, he unilaterally disarmed himself of one of the strongest arguments against Clinton: that her (and her husband’s) history of dwelling in that gray zone between legality and impropriety made her vulnerable in the general election. Sanders might have won if he hammered home the message that Clinton was unelectable. Based on the CCES data, 36% of her primary voters described themselves as liberal and 9% as very liberal — surely some of them were voting for a candidate that they thought was most likely to win in November than the one they best aligned with politically.

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The data bear this out. The Sanders-Trump voters didn’t self-identify much as Democrats, had approval ratings for President Obama of 23% (perhaps he’d be a better scapegoat for Clinton among this subset of voters) and were less likely to believe that white people have certain advantages in the United States. This doesn’t sound like people who were part of the Obama coalition, nor would they have backed Clinton against Trump in most instances. To be clear, there are some people in this group of voters who might have voted for Clinton if not for the Sanders campaign, but they are the vast minority, and you should be wary of anyone arguing otherwise.

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The second allegation is also easy to disprove. Sanders fully endorsed Clinton at the convention. He campaigned for her regularly and told his . Contrast this behavior to Cruz, who in a primetime convention speech told his supporters to vote their conscience (a rebuke of Trump that led to boos in the convention hall) while Kasich didn’t attend the convention, never endorsed Trump, and wrote in John McCain for his vote. Trump has a far better case that Kasich and Cruz let Clinton get too close than Clinton has a case that Sanders cost her the presidency.

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