Band of Brothers is a book that educates everyone who reads it.

Structure The main structure of the book Band of Brothers is set chronologically.
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Stephen Ambrose, Writer: Band of Brothers

Ambrose has received criticism from American veterans. Veterans of that transported paratroopers in the have severely criticized Ambrose for portraying them as unqualified and craven in several of his works, including Band of Brothers and D-Day, and for characterizing them as "cranks" when they asked that he change the passages. One online source notes numerous discrepancies and some apparent fabrications, many of which have disturbed other veterans of the 101st.

Opinion Band of Brothers is a well written book because the reader can identify the moments lived by the soldiers.
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Stephen E. Ambrose, Mississippi historian and author

Along the way, Ambrose ventures offhand explanations of why history is suddenly a popular field of study (“At the beginning of the 21st century, our students know that they live in the richest and freest nation that ever was and they want to know how that happened”) while revisiting the origins of some of his books, such as the biography of Dwight D.

Among his best sellers are D-Day, Citizen Soldiers,  of , Undaunted Courage and Nothing like it in the World.
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Stephen E. Ambrose is a historian in the Whitmanian vein. He is popular, prolific and patriotic, and his writing tends inexorably toward the grandiose. Ambrose has written on Eisenhower and Nixon, D-Day and Lewis and Clark. His bibliography includes works with titles ("Stephen Ambrose Collection" and "The Best of Stephen Ambrose") typically reserved for aging rock stars.

The 2002 HBO miniseries Band of Brothers was created and produced by a crew with numerous amounts of well known Hollywood names.
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Some of the most famous works of author Ambrose include the ..

Ambrose also became the target of controversy in 1995 from veterans who objected to his characterization of pilots as untrained and incompetent in the Normandy invasion. A letter-writing campaign noted that Ambrose did not interview a single troop carrier pilot among the 1,642 participating in , nor did he consult official records, relying instead only on anecdotes of some paratroopers critical of the jumps. It also accused him of "reneging" on promises to correct the record before his death.

Stephen E. Ambrose: List of Books by Author Stephen E. Ambrose

Ambrose was also accused of using shoddy research in his works. Historians claimed that Nothing Like it in the World contained significant errors, as put forth in a report by Matthew Barrows in the January 1, 2001 edition of , which listed some 50 text pages and six photo captions in which Ambrose "erred, misstated the facts or used quotes that cannot be substantiated with facts." According to Barrows, Ambrose cited his son Hugh as the primary research assistant for the book and chose not to respond. On January 11, 2001, , in column "The Reliable Source," reported that a co-worker found a "serious historical error" in the same book and that "a chastened Ambrose" promised to correct the error in new editions.

Stephen E. Ambrose (Author of Band of Brothers)

Ambrose, a longtime smoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2002. His condition deteriorated rapidly, and, seven months after the diagnosis, he died at the age of 66. He was survived by his wife, Moira, and children Andy, Barry, Hugh, Grace, and Stephenie.

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It is said that Ambrose organized his entire family into a sort of "history factory" and began turning out popular books of history like . In 2002, Ambrose was accused of plagiarizing several passages which he footnoted but did not enclose in the required quotation marks.