Complex Themes and Ideas in Montana 1948

Western Montana is a history made up of gold rushes and the Copper King Marcus Daly.
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Montana 1948 explores many complex themes …

(AP) - Beleaguered firefighters in Montana enjoyed something of a lull in their battle against dozens of wildfires, but a new blaze near Yellowstone National Park forced the evacuation of up to 150 homes.

ESSAY In the text Montana by Larry Watson, it is evident that they 12 year old David is growing up.
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Insight Publications: Montana 1948 | Study Guide & Text …

'Louisiana:European Explorations and the Louisiana Purchase' (a search for 'maps' produced 70 hits (out of 119 items), enlargeable to high res. via JPEG2000; covering 'the region of North America that stretched from as far east as Alabama into what is now thestate of Montana'; with an accompanying 118-page PDF by Michael Klein, illustratedwith low res.

Butte, Montana needs environmental justice in order to help them from future problems arising....
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In 1977, film and rock star Elvis Presley, who had appeared in about 32 Hollywood movies, died of an apparent overdose of drugs. "In the last seven months of Elvis's life . . . " his doctor had reportedly " . . . prescribed nearly 5,000 pills; an estimated 19,000 in the last two-and-a-half years . . . " and " . . . tests revealed there were at least ten drugs in his blood, including Quaaludes, codeine and morphine."

Horner is the Curator of Paleontology at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana, USA.
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Essays on Montana 1948: Disclosing the Main Themes …

'The Hotchkiss Map Collection: Confederate Army Maps' (high res. MrSID imagesof the 341 sketchbooks, manuscripts, and annotated printed maps; see also Clara LeGear (1948) and a - Library of Congress American Memory)

Montana 1948 was set in Bentrock, Mercer County, Montana

I’m not advocating violence; all I’m saying is that we all have our limits and if someone treated me the way Tony Montana had been treated his whole life – if they spit on me, and degraded me, and mocked me and doubted any power I might have, I might want to prove them wrong....

Injustice in Montana 1948 - MISS HESS' YEAR 11 ENGLISH

In Montana 1948 Larry Watson’s main characters the Hayden family cope with a situation of sexual abuse that forces them to search for their moral base and choose between right and wrong....

- There are no concrete resolutions in Montana 1948

Peaceful yet precarious landscape of the Northwest (particularly Wyoming and Montana) reveals itself in both stories as beautiful and inspiring, yet the fierceness and longevity of the winters, leave the homesteaders vulnerable to its wrath.

Montana 1948 by Larry Watson - Larry Watson, in ..

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