The Merchant of Venice has elements that make it a classic.

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The Merchant of Venice has many contemporary themes in it....

The plot of the 'Merchant of Venice' is centred on Shylock, a Jewish money lender who is trying to survive in a country, which despises him, and alienates him from society.

In the Merchant Of Venice, Portia is a woman that saves the life of a man using her head.
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“The Merchant of Venice is a fairy tale.

New Testament While the conflict between justice and mercy plays a key role in determining the outcome of The Merchant of Venice, this conflict is even more important because it provides a setting for the contrast between the rigid law and rules of the Old Testament and the concepts of mercy and forgiveness as taught by Christ in the New Testament.

Mior honoured me to be the main character in the ‘Merchant of Venice’ play.
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In The Merchant of Venice, Antonio is presented as the hero, and Shylock the villain, but neither is within the circle of marriages at the end of Act V....

It is undeniable that most of us encountered difficulties in reading the ‘Merchant of Venice’.
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National Theatre Company version directed by Jonathan Miller and starring Laurence Olivier as Shylock Act IV scene 1 is an intense scene in the play where we see many of the play's main themes such as justice and mercy, money and status, revenge, loyalty, love and prejudice and tolerance....

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Throughout the play he is portrayed as both a villain and a victim and is used to emphasise a number of the play's themes such as greed, revenge, prejudice and racism....

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The themes of the work should be universal, so that the reader can take something and create a parallel to an event or situation in his or her own life.

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But as soon as the villain walks on stage he is hissed and booed, unfortunately it is not as simple as this in 'The Merchant of Venice' and how the audience react to the characters is all important in making the distinction between victim or vill...

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He wanted revenge so Shylock put on a bond with Antonio; the punishment being for Antonio is that if he doesn’t pay back the money, which Shylock lent him, in 3 months time Shylock has the right to cut off a pound of his flesh....

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Introduction William Shakespeare's satirical comedy, The Merchant of Venice, believed to have been written in 1596 was an examination of hatred and greed.

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Portia (as Balthazar) gets Antonio ready to go under the knife, but she stops just short as Shylock is sharpening his knife. She says the bond entitles Shylock to a pound of flesh, but if he spills a drop of Christian blood, then he'll be guilty of plotting to murder a Venetian Christian, the penalty for which is losing everything he has. Shylock says something like, "Fine, just give me the three-times-the-debt cash you offered me earlier," and Portia replies, "Actually, that offer's not on the table anymore." Then he says, "Okay, just give me the 3,000 back," and she returns, "Actually, that's not on the table either."