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11. Between two thoughts there is a silence. It is more important to watch the silence than to watch the thoughts. bring your attention to the silence or gap between two thoughts more and more. feel the silence within you also, as your meditation practice deepens.

Perhaps one of John Donne’s most famous written works is called “Meditation 17” and it highlights on death, society, and isolation....

Thoughts on Meditation and Technology

Although meditation and therapy perform corollary functions in the enhancement of individual well-being-the intensification of present awareness and lifting of repression-there are major philosophical differences that make separation advisable.

Before Westerners can safely practice Yoga or meditation, Jung says, we must first know our own unconscious nature.

First, meditation is associated with states of physiological relaxation that can be utilized to alleviate stress, anxiety, and other physical symptoms.

The stimulus repetition of meditation leads to a condition of

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Both meditation and free association involve self-observation, although one is usually discouraged from trying to interpret the meaning of free associations during meditation.

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Meditation, in Shafii's81 view, is a state of "active passivity" and "creative quiescence" that has some similarities with the "psychoanalytic situation": utilization of a special body posture, limited cathexis of visual perception and increased cathexis of internal perception, enhanced free association of thoughts and fantasies.

In meditation we exchange our thoughts with God's

Zen meditation also does not involve cultivation of particular positive images or thoughts, as do active behavioral programming methods for stress and tension management, which use fear arousal as a discriminative stimulus for active relaxation, positive imagery, and self-instructions to cope with the stressful situation.

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Here Delmonte makes a crucial differentiation between "ascendence," a movement up to a higher, more abstract level within one's personal construct system; "descendence," in which awareness moves down from cognitive to preverbal or somatic construal, an adaptive regression to unconscious levels of awareness in which repressed emotional material can come into consciousness and be cathartically released; and "transcendence," in which one experiences no thought, the feeling of unity or bliss, in which the meditator transcends the bipolarity of contrual and thereby recovers the preverbal awareness of the essential unity of reality.

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For all of these reasons, we must conclude that although there is some evidence that meditation does lead to a state of relaxation and does seem to be associated with a reduction of anxiety, the relaxation model is not by itself an adequate explanation of the therapeutic efficacy of meditation.

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Moreover, the hypothesis that meditation leads to global desensitization of anxiety associated with an individual's thoughts37 may be unfounded; the relaxation provided by meditation may not be sufficient to achieve desensitization to negative or disturbing thoughts and images that may emerge in the course of meditation.