The beep originally served as an alert.

There have been private and public beeps, and beeps heard around the world.
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"The time has come for the beep to die an honorable death," said B.J.

"If you use a beep to signal a problem, people hate it because they feel socially responsible for making a mistake." Beretta says he was regularly asked to disable beep features on the computers.

And for a long time, only high-tech things beeped, such as satellites and computers.
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Fogg, a researcher at Stanford University.

The HBC's major post was York Factory on Hudson's Bay. Every year, one or more HBC ships would sail from England to York Factory to bring a fresh supply of trade goods and take away the furs that had been traded that year. Most of the HBC's laborers were drawn from the Orkney Islands, and had a basic education in reading and sums.

But today the most mundane things -- from children's toys to pens -- do so.
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AFSO: p.237 02 Feb 1813 McKenzie with eighteen men and two canoes turned back toward the interior. Upon arrival he found his cache had been robbed by the Indians. With Mr. Seaton in charge of the men, McKenzie and Reed went into the Indian village and confronted the inhabitants until they got the goods back. In retaliation the Indians refused to sell them horses.

And it may be headed for the scrap heap if sound designers have their way.
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The answer is dictated by economics.

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"Beeping is cheap," Gavin said.

AFSO: p.251 20 Mar 1814 they broke up winter camp and continued on their journey. They wandered in the wilderness until they happened on a river that turned out to be the Platte. From there they were able to continue on to St. Louis.

Marriage in the Hudson's Bay Company

AFSO: p.255 While McKenzie was visiting at the mouth of the Willamette at a hunting ground near the Umpqua River, a white man named Jervais had a slight quarrel with an Indian at the Wacomeapp village. Jervais had beaten one of the Indians, which gave great offense to the tribe and they had been muttering threats. McDougal sent McKenzie to a note to beware on his way back up river and McKenzie was able to outwit the Indians and escape the trap they had set.

"After all, it was a man-made entity in space over the United States.

AFSO: p.246 07 Sep 1813 the Stuart party entered the great Snake River region. In the mountains Indians ran off their horses leaving them on foot. With winter coming on they were forced to set up camp in the mountains. They had to move once due to harrassment by a party of Indians.

Marriage in the North West Company

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AAA : p. XIII The maritime expedition was led by Duncan McDougall

AAA : p. 79 04 Aug 1813 Mr. Hunt returned on board the ship Albatross, commanded by Capt. Smith. Capt. Sowles had left him at the Sandwish Islands rather than return to Astoria so Hunt had to wait until a suitable ship could be procured to return to Fort Astoria. Capt. Smith had established a post in 1810 upstream of Fort Astoria at Oak Point; but it had flooded out in July of that year she he had left the venture.