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English-Thai software translators have been developed on the Thai side of the border.
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In fact, if your computer isn't already equipped with the Thai fonts in the proper way, then a machine translator will not work at all with your setup, and you're not past step 1.

On top of that, the Thai language has no spacing between the words, sothatitliterallylookslikethis.
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While New World Translation defenders might succeed in showing that John 1:1 can be translated as they have done, they cannot show that it is the proper translation.

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Even the companies that create less complex programs such as Thai-English dictionaries, non-Thai Windows add-on or plug-in programs to add Thai fonts and typing abilities (including punctuation below the line), and other popular mass market applications are struggling financially.

So, rather than conforming their beliefs to Scripture, they altered Scripture to agree with their beliefs.
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(This is another way that machine translations fail.) Not only sentences but entire paragraphs may be rewritten as a whole in Thai style.Thus, the choice is usually not what software to use, but what people or company to use for a translation.

Save translations in a phrasebook.

An example of a machine translation might be something like the following:Try presenting that communique to your Thai executives overseas!

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(A good way to spot a cheap ripoff translator is that they offer English to Thai translation, but not Thai to English.)For translating words, there are some good English-Thai and Thai-English software dictionaries.

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We have seen expats with translations in hand which are clearly just machine translations which were done automatically (in just a few seconds) and then printed using a beautiful font.

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A lot of money has been invested in machine translations between European languages, there is considerable competition on both sides of the border, and the general customer standards of quality are higher.

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Some writing styles get much better results from machine translation software than others. Ideally you want to keep things as simple and unambiguous as possible. Pretending to write for a child can help.

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It is only the pre-conceived heretical rejection of the deity of Christ that forces the Watchtower Society to inconsistently translate the Greek text, thus allowing their error to gain some semblance of legitimacy in the minds of those ignorant of the facts.

It is only the Watchtower's pre-conceived heretical beliefs that are behind the dishonest and inconsistent translation that is the New World Translation.