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The Irish with their strong familial loyalties and ancient Gaelictribal tradition, were accustomed to appealing to a chieftain to defendtheir rights. The imported English Common-law system with its juriesand its weighing of truth on the basis of individual testimony underoath was alien to them. It seemed scandalous to have to testify againsta relative or a neighbor. Oaths of blood or fidelity were one thing butoaths to tell the truth when it was against one's own interest or theinterest of a friend were quite another. The claim of abstract justicethat it served the common good in the long run held little appeal. Inthe long run everyone will be dead, and of what use is the common goodif it is not also a personal good. With that as a basis and thepractical view that the British landlords and courts never had thepeople at heart left the Irish with only one way to cope.

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He wanted Virgil to glorify Rome's greatness, instill public pride in Rome's past, and cultivate traditional Roman virtues such as loyalty to the family, the Empire, and the gods.

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Arranged Marriage. Traditional Chinese marriage was not the free union of two young adults to establish a new household. Rather it was thought of as ideally a union of families of different surnames for the purpose of providing descendants to one of them (the groom's) and some level of mutual benefit to both. For practical purposes, it was the movement of a woman from her natal family (or niángjiā ) to her married family and her assimilation into her married family as an economically productive member of the family corporation and the mother of her husband's children. (The importance of this "transfer" was dramatized in an elaborately ritual-encrusted procession of the bride and her dowry to her new husband's abode. The picture here, probably taken about 1890, shows a bride, in her embroidery-covered, closed palanquin, closely followed by the simpler palanquin of her matchmaker.)

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The strong institutionalization of the family in traditional China would seem to have made familism even more central in that society than in most.

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Fact: If belly dancing was an important part of ritual in the temples of Isis, Hathor, or other goddesses, then it would be logical to expect that there are images of belly dance in the temples and tombs which honor the goddesses. In my 4 trips to Luxor and my 3 trips to Saqqara, including the use of a private guide to lead me to images of dance and tell me what the surrounding hieroglyphic text said, I was not able to find any images resembling belly dancing.

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Because this page is devoted to the traditional Chinese family system, I have tended to use the past tense (and the pictures are mostly from the 1800s). Many of the institutions, beliefs, and values discussed here are still present in China, but I have preferred to focus on the past in order to stress traditionalism and to avoid dealing with the complexities introduced by the modern growth of industries, urban populations, and foreign influences, especially foreign influences on law.

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Fact: This misconception probably came from the motion picture , which was released in 1993. shows music and dance from many countries where the Roma have lived in large numbers, including Egypt. Because it contains no voiceover or other narrative explaining what the onscreen imagery means, some people have speculated that it explains how the Roma influenced each place they lived. However, when you consider how vastly different the music and dance are in each locale that it depicts, a more logical conclusion would be to show how versatile the Roma were in learning to perform local styles everywhere they went.

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If you like fiction books, the novel is based on the true story of a childhood friend of Sacagawea who traveled 1000 miles through the wilderness to rejoin her tribe.