'Traditional' Families Are No Longer The Norm, …

The nuclear family is against our religious traditions.I'm in favour of the family.

How Abortion And Birth Control Destroyed Traditional Families

By making plans for your child’s future, maintaining traditions and a routine, committing fully to the family, creating open communication, and spending

My family has suffered as a result and we are returning to the UK in order to rescue our marriage and provide a more traditional stable environment.

Non-Traditional Families Are The New Tradition

With nearly 3/4 of stepfamilies involving stepfathers, children with stepfathers are more likely to display symptoms of withdrawal, aggressive problematic behavior, and depression than children in traditional households(Hetherington & Stanley-Hagan, 1995).

And now that society is changing, the so called traditional family values may be dead, but the family values are not.

Dr Sasha Rose Neil stated that there was no evidence that children raised in single parent or homosexual families were any worse off than those in traditional families yet this cannot be backed up since these phenomenon are recent so we really cannot comment on the long term impact on children and society.
Crucially as a family doctor I devote a lot of time to people who are the fallout of these families suffering from depression, social isolation, childhood behavioural disorders and neglect of the elderly.

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Also called “Chinese caterpillar mushroom”, or “Winter worm, summer grass” which is the literal translation in Chinese. It has a long history being used as an expensive medicinal mushroom in Traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine to treat lung inflammation, heart weakness and urogenital disorders, as well as to strengthen the immune system to fight cancers or other immune disorders. Some research has shown that this highly prized mushroom also has anti-aging properties and was used exclusively by the Emperor and Noble families in ancient China because it was extremely rare at that time.

Defining Family Values, Traditional Family Values

But the numbers are miniscule compared to the west.
Are families headed by single mothers, or step-parents, or foster parents, or gays and lesbians, or surrogate parents happier than traditional families?