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The Christian knowsa God who is personal, yet who, as Creator, infinitely transcends his creature.

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You would be unitedwith pure being, the Absolute, known under different names: Brahman (theunconditioned, immortal, transcendent); atman (ultimate self); nirvana.

He does not look into the glass, but he is represented as LOOKING INTO THE LAW.


What a mirror is for the discovery of deficiencies or stains upon the countenance, the "Word of truth" is for the discovery of deficiencies and stains in the heart and conduct, and he who carefully listens to the statements of that "Word," can no more fail to have a correct image of his spiritual condition brought before him, than he who looks into a mirror can fail to behold the similitude of his outward mum tie must see himself as a moral being, represented in all the reality of truth.

Even a fraudulent bank director has sentenced a petty thief to gaol without blushing.

We break loose from the restraints of various kinds which have helped to hold us back from evil, and gradually yield to the enticements presented, to the fascinations of vanity or vice, of folly or wickedness.

It is especially the widespreadtranscendental meditation of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that works mainly withsuch mantras.

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It ought to be observed that, in the gospel, a firm persuasion of God's good will towards us is perpetually represented as absolutely necessary to make us capable of obtaining any favours from Him.

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This "underlying vision" bears a striking resemblance to the Hindu worldview,and many terms and concepts employed within the New Age movement conveyessentially the same reality as the goal of Yoga: an altered state of consciousnessthat is a means to a transcendent, spiritual experience.

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Let us, therefore, say with the disciples, "Lord, teach us to pray." The encouraging PROMISE held forth to every one who will comply with the direction, God "giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." God is here represented as "the hearer of prayer"; yet with a particular reference to His answering of prayers for saving wisdom.

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[Such] 'mysticism' refers not to meeting thetranscendent God in the fullness of love, but to the experience engenderedby turning in on oneself, an exhilarating sense of being at one with theuniverse, a sense of letting one's individuality sink into the great oceanof Being" (, #3.4).

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The purpose of liberationis to return to a once-possessed state of original purity, consciousnessand identification with the Supreme Self or, as others believe, to unionwith the Transcendent God.

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Shall it not be replied, "Shall I do for him that hath me in suspicion that I will not help him, and doubteth of my good nature and frank heart towards him?" The third and last way whereby he condemneth this is from a sentence generally received of all men, which he protested, as it were, proverbially.