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The `Kapok tree' (Imbul) , also producesa wooly fibre used for similar purposes.
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The Naga-king Muchalinda (Mucalina) is said to have sheltered theBuddha (fifth week after gaining Enlightenment) against rain and winds when he was sitting under a Nygrodha tree.

The sanskrit name ``Pllu
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Kapok Tree Inn - Gaudy Excess, Clearwater, Florida

The small opening visible at the top (ostiole)enables a specialized wasp to enter and pollinate the floweror pseudo fruit.
The fig tree is referred to in Buddhist literature (e.g., TheGuttila Jataka) and has an ancient history.

This tree is also sometimes known as
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Siva , the "lord of destruction" is said to have sat under the banyan tree as Thatchinamoorthy (i.e., "Dakshina-moorthy", i.e., the form displayed to the South", hence this is a Dravidian view).

Names like "Nagar", "Niyama" indicates that the tree even signified the location of towns (Nagara), or the limit of towns (Nyamama), and are tamilized sanskrit words.

The giant kapok tree, the creeping aroids, and other resident architects of the Amazon rainforest
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