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The movie Dances With Wolves, directed by actor Kevin Costner, does an excellent job in attempting to promote a greater acceptance, understanding, and sympathy towards Native American culture, instead of supporting the typical stereotype of Native Americans being nothing but brutal, blood thirsty savages....

Many of these reviews are acceptable though a lot more are very much out of context and have no sense of understanding for the multi starer movie.
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SparkNotes: The Matrix Trilogy: Plot Overviews

The movie shows us, that even though there were so many casualties in the aftermath of World War One, there are some things in the world worse than death....

Thus, those in the second set are able to perform various feats only attained by those who have an understanding of the Matrix.
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– In The Birth of a Nation, an ex-slave leads a resistance movement to liberate his 1831 African-American brothers in Virginia. Nat Turner (Nate Parker) is a liberated, former slave. 1831 (ie before the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865) he gathers a group of people around him. In a Liberation movement he wants to call to rebellion and break the bonds of African Americans who are subjugated Virgina. The Birth of a Nation but instead of his enslaved fellow sufferers to bring his action the desired immediate freedom, provoked his rebellion an extremely violent response of the white slave owners. The African-American actor Nate Parker returned with The Birth of a Nation Rebellion to freedom from his film debut and also took the same even the main role. He also wrote the script to his story. After Steve McQueen had revived his 2014 Oscar-winning drama 12 Years a Slave, interest in slave stories, Nate Parker was quickly enthusiastic African American Actor for his project win, among them Gabrielle Union (Top Five), Aunjanue Ellis (The Help) and Jeryl Prescott (The Skeleton key). The initiated by Nat Turner slave rebellion there was actually. After a religious vision of the ex-Skalve Commission initiated in August 1831 in Southampton County in the way. The Birth of a Nation Turner and about 70 more rebellious slaves killed in the course of their survey about 60 people in Virginia, before the group was broken up within a few days. The Birth of a Nation The state then straightened for fear of further unrest 56 slaves out also more than 100 African Americans were killed in the area by the violent military intervention. In January 2016 Birth of a Nation won the Sundance Film Festival in the race for the best drama two coveted prizes: the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize. Nate Parker The Birth of a Nation should not the 1915 rotated epic early work Birth of a Nation (OT: The Birth of a Nation) of D.W. Griffith be confused, which the American Civil War, including racial unrest and Ku Klux Klan was shown – even if Nate Parker not chose the title of his film groundless. The Birth of a Nation The auditorium was packed, when the lights went, and it was not long until the film unfolded its effect; Present reported that they had heard repeatedly crying in the audience, because “Birth of a Nation” is not suppressed by the cruelties of slavery. When the lights came back on, you could watch the scouts of the big film distributors, as they frenetically traktierten their smartphones, because this movie was a blast, was Oscar material had to be purchased. Some other, however, who had called on her cell phone the Wikipedia entry to director Nate Parker, the enthusiasm of a dubious mien gave way.

I find this movie very informative, hard to believe but it shows the reality of the world in which we live.
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– Krishna Nvnirdec his first Bollywood film Days of Tafree on the big screen in the new Starkast launched. The comedy in the film is amazing as well as all Starkast commanded to prove themselves equal is given every chance. 156 minute story Days of Tafree about it in college four different patterns revolves around friends. The story Days of Tafree begins with a hookah parlor, where Vicky (excerpt Bagri) to tell his father so strict Nikhil (Kudos Sony) also reveals something of his father’s strict. Now, in the dark of the night come out of the parlor, in the meantime, Suresh (accumulation Goswami) is vomiting Vicky Nikhil then takes the keys of the car and hit the vehicle is going through fast. Now Daljit aka The Bride (Singh Bindra), Nikhil and Suresh to the hospital are all Vicky. The whole story of the film Days of Tafree goes into flashback. Vicky has shown that, Nikhil, very close friend and Vicky Suresh where the groom and his father is afraid to come to the phone in front of his father, while Suresh tries to show very decent and clingy type, Days of Tafree but in college entry as he himself tries to show others the rough-tough. All the teachers in the college class vying fiercely harass bunk. Nikhil college girl is worshiped (Nimisha Mehta) who falls in love with a friend and the Isha prayer (Anuradha Mukherjee) from time to time, continue to groom injuries. Suresh’s father to marry her one day, but he does not want it. For this he tells his friends how his marriage should be. And with all the talk of marriage to Suresh’s father Nisha (Kinjal Rajpriya) Suresh’s house, and there he saw him, Days of Tafree he is ready to get married, but now implicated in Vicky takes his prey and his marriage does not fade. With that story goes. Kudos to Sony and Bagri portions of the film Days of Tafree appeared to give his hundred percent. Both have appeared together to help each other. Singh Bindra and their role in the accumulation Goswami largely succeeded in something different. Roll Worship Nimisha Mehta has played brilliantly and they deserve praise for it. Kinjal Rajpriya and Anuradha Mukherjee Days of Tafree stone unturned in supporting all the rest did not. Both the acting throughout the film like his own have tried to win the hearts of the audience. B-Town’s director Krishna Yagnik wonderful drama in the film Days of Tafree is served. Has taken charge of the direction of the film brilliantly. They must be planted in the movie comedy amazing twist, but sometimes they needed to do something better. Days of Tafree so much to tell about their important place Yagnik has really tried to show something different, to some extent due to which he managed to rob the applause of the audience. The first half of the film Days of Tafree because of the long is cut somehow, but in the second half of the audience seem upset. However, the college comedy can be a compliment, but barring properties of technology and cinematography to do something new in the commercial constraints felt c. Also need the music to the film (Bobby-Imran, Comell-Chivan) is too little, people pleasing.

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– In the novel adaptation A Monster Calls, a boy seeks the help of a tree-monster to cope with his mother’s illness. That his mother (Felicity Jones) is seriously ill, do not want to admit the 13-year-old Conor (Lewis MacDougall). The diagnosis of terminal cancer is simply too horrible. Since his father (Toby Kebbell), his grandmother (Sigourney Weaver) and his friend Harry him can not cheer (James Melville). Therefore Conor attracts more and more in his fantasy world back, which is populated by fairy-tale characters and other beasts always exactly seven minutes after midnight, the boy wakes up in his bed – and finds a monster (Liam Neeson) in front of his window. A Monster Calls The repeated meetings between Conor and the aliens have unforeseen consequences. But this monster that resembles a tree is not the beast that Conor had expected. Rather will the wild beings something from him … and although the truth. Director Juan Antonio Bayona filmed with A Monster Calls the eponymous book written in 2011 by Patrick Ness, also equal to itself adapted started as a screenplay for the big screen. The Spanish filmmaker J.A. Bayona A Monster Calls already created the horror film The Orphanage, who saw beyond the borders of his homeland addition furore. In addition, the tsunami film The Impossible goes to his account, in which a family with Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts itself went successively to look after the disaster. In addition, the director of the series Penny Dreadful appeared in several episodes continue in fantastic worlds and leads this way now with seven minutes after midnight and World War Z 2 continues. While it is Liam Neeson and monsters on the poster. But action fans are sitting here in the wrong movie. Unless they have their sensitive sides. A Monster Calls is a sensitive tearjerker which boasts a beautiful visual language of animated and live-action scenes. That the novel adaptation of J.A. Bayona places in its beauty and in the great feelings almost drowning, is more than forgivable small blemish. Moment, we were not just? A gigantic creature that late at night appear childlike protagonists outside the window? Right. The BFG was called this creature in Steven Spielberg movie. There is a tree monster, and served as the Roald Dahl adaptation also a youth book as a literary master. The book of the same name A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness dates back to 2011 and is based on the idea of the author Siobhan Dowd, who provide their own cancer processed what she died of 2007. The background suggests already out: The issues that are raised in A Monster Calls, are significantly more melancholy than those of The BFG. The fantasy story with the monster serve as a springboard to the fact that the young protagonist Connor deals with the cancer of his mother and the associated fear of loss. The young protagonist Lewis MacDougall the makers to director Juan Antonio Bayona have had a knack. It represents the inner turmoil of his character sensitively and convincingly displays Felicity Jones as fragile mom and Sigourney Weaver as resolute grandmother A Monster Calls. And do not forget the voice of Liam Neeson as a monster – complement the fine ensemble that only the perhaps somewhat awkward story told come to life. Another plus of the film is the visual. Director Bayona has demonstrated a keen eye for beautiful picture compositions in previous films like El Orfanato. And he does well here – and this both in the real images and in the animations, which are respectively used when the monster tells his stories. Just these animations consisting transitioning from one another virtuoso, highly schematic images, give the film A Monster Calls in the best moments a magic that is underlined by the sumptuous score by Fernando Velázquez. All this in one or two scenes might somewhat overdo. Because the closer the end, the unrestrained pushes the film A Monster Calls to the tear glands. But it is allowed to. Because he does it brilliantly and fortunately circumnavigated A Monster Calls skillfully most clichés that you look at is from the movie genre accustomed. Instead, it flows into a coherent, sad beautiful finish and make it so, to trigger more emotion than colleague Spielberg in his last work.