Current National Unemployment Rate, by State or City

The United States Labor Board reports today's figures by city and by state.

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What occupations have the most annual openings? How much do they pay? How many workers are unemployed? If you have questions like these, we have the answers. If you have any problems finding the Labor Market Information () you need, please . We are happy to assist you.

Unfortunately, they do not include or count each individual who is unemployed.

State Unemployment Rates | December 2017

(based on 2015 data) provide information about workers in your county and can help you understand where your workers are going for work, where they come from, and your workforce relationship with other counties.

The  provides access to archived county unemployment rate maps going back to January 2006.

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examines quarterly and annual industry and employment changes for select oil and gas industries.

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Those who attend college or concentrate on family responsibilities are also not included in today's figures.

USA Employment Rate History Data Measurement: Anyone who is currently collecting compensation from a state or (due to loss of a job) are part of these numbers.

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Unemployment Rate by City:The same policies used in the US are also used in Australia, Japan, all of Europe, Mexico, and Canada.