Woden to the Teutons), and including the trickster Loki.

Whereas the utopian visions were undoubtedly influential, it was the anti-utopian visions of E.
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Max Patrick (eds.), "The Quest for Utopia" (1952)

White's "Mistress Masham's Repose"An interesting article in "The Quill and the Unicorn" speculates on a possible historical origin for Fairy tales:{This genre essay most recently updated: 4 April 1998} Fictional and Nonfictional glimpses of an ideal futureScience fiction, in its extremes, presents us with a menu of extremely dreadful futures ("") and absolutely wonderful futures ("Utopias").

The final utopia must somehow redeem the past [my emphasis], or else be something less than utopia.
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Max Patrick (eds.), "The Quest for Utopia" (1952): science-oriented

Escher's prints "Ascending and Descending" and "House of Stairs";: Mel Gibson (as Justin McLeod) demonstrates the Perpendicular Bisector Theorem to Nick Stahl (as Chuck Norstadt);: as Margherita Barile points out, The Snake Lemmais explained in the first scene of this film by Claudia Weill, starring Michael Douglas and Jill Clayburgh;: {to be done}For illustrations of some of the above, see:For some examples of Mathematical concepts in stories not promarily about math, see:For a "geneology" of my teachers' teachers' teachers, including many of the most famous Mathematcians in History, see:For a web page about the Mathematics of "The Four Nines Problem", see:I am not automatically assuming that all Computer Scientists are Mathematicians, although some are.

Lovecraft claimed to have predicted the discovery of Pluto in fiction!
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MEPs point out that the European Union needs to develop its strategic autonomy. This strategic autonomy will help the EU to promote peace and international security, to defend its interests in the world, to protect the security of its own citizens, to contribute to effective multilateralism, to advance respect for human rights and democratic values worldwide and to safeguard world peace. The report was adopted with 482 votes in favour, 111 against with 55 abstentions. The Parliament recognises the need for the EU to develop its strategic autonomy through multilateral cooperation in international organisations, above all the United Nations, and through partnerships with other key actors, according to the report on the European Security Strategy (ESS) and European security and defence policy (ESDP), drafted by Karl Von Wogau (EPP-ED, DE)…

[some of the above were also listed in 10th Planet beyond Pluto: {to be done}
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The Lifestyle Farmer: An Awakening - Utopia Stories

How it can do so I naturally don't know, but at least it must be aware of the past, so that the past can at least be redeemed in the utopia's awareness, as a valued part within the past-present-future (or eternal) whole.'Clarke wrote, 'Dear Stephen - This phrase [emphasised] haunts me - does it give you any ideas?' It certainly did, as redemption was another echo of my Catholic past.

Nostalgia for Utopia – The American Catholic

I want everything to be fully remembered, everything to be fully cognized For me the final utopia is not simply the thing for which past misery is a necessary means, that when it is reached the past may be forgotten.

While a film like Grease shows that Utopia is the ..

Consider also Pope Francis said that his Church could help lead to a humane European utopia. The Bible tells of a Babylonian unity between Europe and the church on the seven-hills in Revelation 17:1-9. It won't be a utopia. That will take the Kingdom of God (see our free online booklet ).

Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords

In the weeks that followed, Stephanie was forced into a punishing new routine. Not satisfied with simply restricting her bathroom breaks, Madame Snyde insisted that she work her way back up to the privilege of being allowed to use a toilet. Her new game was the ultimate combination of control and humiliation.

Stephanie began at Level One, which put her in diapers at all times. The rest of her outfit was matched to this style, frequently involving a bib, a pacifier and any number of other infant accessories the Madame had picked out for her. For three full days, she was banned from any other option but to make use of the diaper and although she was not limited to relieving herself at only four times a day, the excruciating shame of soiling herself and having to be changed like a baby kept her from being careless when it came to her basic needs.

After those three days, she would be automatically upgraded to Level Two. This is when the test really kicked in. The diapers were put away and exchanged for 'big girl' underwear, usually a small pair of the most girlish panties the Madame could find. But the concession came with its own drawbacks. The four times a day restriction of twice before noon and twice after was reinstated and Stephanie would have to suffer through her daily chores with at least part of her concentration constantly dedicated to where the hands on the clock were pointed. When those times came, Stephanie would have to ask permission from her domme and if granted, she would then race to fetch a plastic child's potty, taking it to Snyde and using it to relieve herself in front of the older woman's watchful gaze. Once done, she would have to clean the potty out herself and resume her duties until the next embarrassing session. However, failing to hold out until her dedicated time would see her bumped back down to Level One and the process would start again.

If she could last three days without incident, she would be upgraded to Level Three, she would once again be allowed to use the regular toilet, along with wearing her normal outfits and even granted one extra daily release time of her choosing. Despite these new freedoms, she was still bound to requesting permission to go and would still have to relieve herself in full view of her mistress as a constant reminder of her lowly place. And still, should she fail to keep to her schedule, she could be cruelly bumped back down all the way to Level One.

In the weeks that followed the party, Stephanie failed to get to Level Three a total of five times. The terrible feeling of having to start the trial from scratch hurt her a little more on each occasion. The first time she actually reached Level Three, she thought she was home free and that the worst had to be over. But out of sheer sadistic enjoyment, Snyde soon spent an evening making Stephanie drink pints of water, until it became too much for her to retain and she wet herself while serving the domme her late night cup of earl gray. To her dismay, Stephanie was ordered to clean herself up and fetch the diaper bag, demoting her back to at least another six days of harrowing indignity.

More than a month had passed when Madame Snyde brought new guests to the house. The two couples were all in their twenties and good looking, decked out in designer clothes, whitened teeth and natural golden tans. The men were slightly older, Stephanie noticed as she served them drinks, while the women were stunning. They were all in the movie industry but exactly what that meant, Stephanie didn't know. Based on some of the discussion she had been able to hear, Snyde was helping to fund some project of theirs and Stephanie gathered that the men were producers and their partners apparently actresses doing their best to get their big break.

"Girl! Tea! Now!" Snyde snapped, shaking the slavegirl out of her daydream and summoning her near. The young people eyed her awkwardly, familiar with Madame Snyde's private life but still a little unnerved by the casualness with which the older woman flaunted her love of domination. Even more peculiar to them was the odd but strangely sexy getup the young woman had on. Tiny pink panties, shiny black shoes, frilly lace socks and a bib around her collar, leaving her otherwise nude. They ignored her for the most part, going on with their conversation as Stephanie poured each of them a new cup, shuffling papers and folders around the mahogany coffee table. Her hands shook as she tipped the teapot and her legs seemed to be pressing tightly together.

"Be careful, Stephanie. Don't drip anything on these documents," Snyde said, noticing the girl's discomfort.

"Excuse me, miss. May I..." Stephanie hesitated, not wanting to ask in front of the guests. But the urge was intense and she couldn't miss her time. She was far too close to promotion to miss out now even though she knew what it would mean. "...May I please use the potty?"

The guests went quiet and one of the men spluttered, almost choking on his tea. Snyde looked at the clock and shrugged. "Very well. Be quick!"

Stephanie placed the teapot carefully back on the tray and hurried as quickly as she could on her heels towards the door. When she returned, she had the potty in her hands, ready to go. Without a second thought, she placed it on the ground in front of her mistress.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Snyde said, "if you need any further proof of the power I hold, pay attention. Slave, you may proceed."

Stephanie tugged her panties down to her ankles and quickly sat down on the plastic seat, her adult ass barely fitting over the pan and spilling over the sides. A second later, there came the hard drumming sound of her piss hitting the side of the bowl and Stephanie's face simultaneously turned to deep relief and severe shame.