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[] January 1, 1969: Ralph David Abernathy: Nixon Administration and the Vietnam War
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Review of “The Vietnam War” by Geoffrey C. Ward and …

[, 2003] October 21-22, 1967: Massive march on Washington, D.C., initiated and organized by the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, a loose coalition of 150 activist groups.

In his speech, Kovic nominated a Vietnam war resister as Vice Presidential candidate.
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Vietnam War Casualties From Woodstock, Illinois

with Richie Havens, featured folk artists.

Richie Havens (opened the festival - performed 7 encores)
High Flyin' Bird
I Can't Make It Anymore
With A Little Help w/ me
Strawberry Fields Forever
Hey Jude
I Had A Woman
Handsome Johnny
Freedom/Motherless Child
Swami Satchidananda - gave the invocation for the festival

I Find Myself Missing You
Rockin All Around The World
Flyin' High All Over the World
Seen A Rocket flyin
The "Fish" Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag

How Have You Been
Rainbows Over Your Blues
I Had A Dream
Younger Generation
What's Wrong
Motherless Child
Look Out
For Pete's Sake
Day Song
Crystal Spider
Two Worlds
Why Oh Why
Incredible String Band
The Letter
This Moment
When You Find Out Who You Are
Bert Sommer
The Road To Travel
I Wondered Where You Be
She's Gone
Things Are Going my Way
And When It's Over
A Note That Read

If I Were A Carpenter
Misty Roses
Ravi Shankar, with a 5-song set, played through the rain
Raga Puriya-Dhanashri/Gat In Sawarital
Tabla Solo In Jhaptal
Raga Manj Kmahaj
Iap Jor
Dhun In Kaharwa Tal
Beautiful People
Birthday of The Sun

Coming Into Los Angeles
Walking Down The Line
Amazing Grace

Oh Happy Day
The Last Thing On My Mind
I Shall Be Released
Joe Hill
Sweet Sir Galahad
Hickory Wind
Drug Store Truck Driving Man
(I Live) One Day at a Time
Sweet Sunny South
Warm and Tender Love
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
We Shall Overcome
Baez Source: Arthur Levy, annotator of the expanded editions of the 12 Joan Baez CDs on Vanguard

They Live the Life
Waitin' For You

Spanish Fly
Believe In You
Rock Me Baby
Leavin' fuct
Just To Cry
Sinnin' For You
You Just Don't Care
Soul Sacrifice
Fried Neckbones
A Change Is Gonna Come/Leaving This Town
Going Up The Country
Let's Work Together
Woodstock Boogie
Jack Bruce's "Theme For An Imaginary Western"
Blood of the Sun
Stormy Monday
Long Red
Who Am I But You And The Sun
Beside The Sea
For Yasgur's Farm (then untitled)
You and Me
Theme For An Imaginary Western
Waiting To Take You Away
Dreams of Milk and Honey
Blind Man
Blue Suede Shoes
Southbound Train
Piece of My Heart and Ball and Chain).
Raise Your Hand
As Good As You've Been To This World
To Love Somebody
Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)
Kosmic Blues
Can't Turn you Loose
Work Me Lord
Piece of My Heart
Ball and Chain

Sing A Simple Song
You Can Make It If You Try
Everyday People
Dance To The Music
I Want To Take You Higher
Love City
Grateful Dead

The film is one of the first to reflect the trauma and the ambivilence concerning the Vietnam war.
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Rhodes and 27 Ohio National Guardsmen from any responsibility in the [] 1962-1975 Total US deaths in the Vietnam war: 58,193 () Early 1970s: Rennie Davis, one of the Chicago 7, becames a member of the and follower of its Guru Maharaj Ji (Prem Rawat).

'The War on Vietnam: A McComb, Mississippi, Protest.'
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The Vietnam War Back Home - Woodstock Music & Art Festival

The leaders of North Vietnam consider the March on the Pentagon tomorrow as much of their war effort as the guerrilla warfare in South Vietnam and the North Vietnamese army assaulting our troops on the battlefield.

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June 1967: Six Vietnam veterans, including Jan "Barry" Crumb, Mark Donnelly, and David Braum, who had march together at the Spring Mobilization to end the War, found the organization Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW)to both protest the war and fight for veterans' rights.

Vietnam War Protests: Woodstock

"McNamara, had decided to leave the administration in November 1967, tearfully cussing 'the goddamned Air Force and its goddamned bombing campaign that had dropped more bombs on Vietnam than on Europe in the whole of World War II and we hadn't gotten a goddamned thing for it.'" [, 2008]March 16, 1968: Under the command of Lt.

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[]July 30, 1967: A Gallup poll reports that 52% of the American people disapprove of President Johnson's handling of the war; 41% think that the US made a mistake in sending troops to Vietnam; over 56% think that US is losing the war or at an impasse.

Effects of Woodstock - Woodstock 1969

Violently scorned for escalating the Vietnam War, chastised by African Americans for moving too slowly on civil rights, and hounded in Congress for the costliness of his ambitious domestic programs, Johnson had even been deserted by much of his own Democratic Party.