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I shall often speak of it, with deliberate abusiveness, as 'the dogma of the Ghost in the Machine'.
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So, build a "ghost detector" which visually revealsthe shape of those unexplained cold spots in your haunted house. Obtain alarge sheet of the material, stretch it on a frame, and mount the frameadjacent to an electrical heating sheet of equal size. Connect the heaterto an AC dimmer, and set the heat level so that it "biases" the liquidcrystal material to its most sensitive color-changing temperature. Anytiny changes in air temperature or IR radiation will create patterns uponthe sheet. Mysterious "cold spots" would instantly become visible on thisthermal panel.

As thus represented, minds are not merely ghosts harnessed to machines, they are themselves just spectral machines.
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The problem of the was the problem how to reconcile the hypothesis that minds are to be described in terms drawn from the categories of mechanics with the knowledge that higher-grade human conduct is not of a piece with the behaviour of machines.

The representation of a person as a ghost mysteriously ensconced in a machine derives from this argument.
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Somewhat as the foreigner expected the University to be an extra edifice, rather like a college but also considerably different, so the repudiators of mechanism represented minds as extra centres of causal processes, rather like machines but also considerably different from them.

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