Us, Too: Sexual Violence Against People Labeled Mentally Ill

A Compilationof Violent Crimes Committed Against Homeless People in the U.S.
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Deadly Violence Among and Against the Homeless

The National Coalition for the Homeless aims to include housingstatus in the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act and in futurepieces of legislation.

The following year(2000), NCH published A Report of Hate Crimes and Violence Against PeopleWho Are Homeless in the United States in 2000.
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Crimes Against America's Homeless: Is the Violence …

It’s a stark reminder that these types of insultingly base and thoughtless videos should not be taken lightly. This most recent one is just another example of a continuing and pervasive prejudice against people who are homeless. It reminds us of the ever-important need to foster compassion and invest in real solutions.

These reportspresent the known incidences of hate crimes and violence against the homelesspopulation.
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The fourth consecutive report, "Hate, Violence, an Deathon Main Street USA: A Report on Hate Crimes and Violence Against PeopleExperiencing Homelessness in 2002 " was also released.

By including housing status, hate crimes and violentacts toward people experiencing homelessness will be more appropriatelyhandled and prosecuted.
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SAGE Reference - Homeless, Violence Against

Every day, homeless youths are exploited by the horrid deeds of human trafficking. Here at Covenant House, we are a safe haven for the young human trafficking victims who utilize our shelters across America. Most victims are usually hungry, tired and scared, with no family or loved ones to turn to. Some victims have been forced to deal drugs, beg for money on the streets or work as servants in someone's home. A majority of human trafficking victims in the US have been made to have sex against their will with multiple partners – all so that someone else can profit from their bodies. Human trafficking truly is a monstrous industry and at Covenant House, we’ve witnessed the toll that it takes on its victims.

Florida number one in violent attacks against homeless

A major component of these changesmust include the societal guarantee of safety and protection and a commitmentby lawmakers to combat violent acts and hate crimes against people whoexperience homelessness.

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Put another way, there is just too much violence against women to argue that these types of crimes are perpetrated by “psychopaths” or outliers. Yes, the experiences of the abuser growing up plays an important role (violence is often learned), yet so does a culture that persistently blames the victim, questions women’s reports of violence, protects powerful men from prosecution and hands down light sentences (or no sentences at all) for violence against women.


Speaking to Spiegel, Johan Grasshof, a social worker in Hamburg said homeless people appeared to have less and less inhibitions against inflicting violence on each other. According to Grasshof, rough sleepers, especially from other (EU) states were increasingly chased away from their preferred spots by municipal authorities. This trend had intensified competition for relatively safe and warm places to spend the night and coincided with a dramatic increase in the number of homeless people in Germany.