Once again, Russell Simmons Defends Violence in Hip Hop

Times have changed, and the way music and lyrics are perceived has developed in a violent fashion.

found that listening to violent and misogynist hip hop ..

1995 was another monumental year for Hip Hop, and a pivotal one as well. Because of infamous speeches by Deathrow representatives Suge Knight and Snoop Dogg on the 1995 Source awards in New York City, animosity between East- and West Coast Hip Hop reached a boiling point – more specifically between Deathrow Records and Bad Boy Records – which would have tragic consequences in the years to come.

As a result, social conditions must change in order to reduce youth violence....

in America’s poor and violent ..

The fact that we are often flooded with images of violence and countless examples of the inability of young adults to resolve conflicts without the use of violence supports the position that our culture among young adults is one centered around violence....

was able to switch from a violent thug to an intelligent, sensitive guy like no other. is a heartfelt tribute to his mother and one of Pac’s most celebrated and most famous songs. Classic.