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Teague's creation was an all aluminum automobile, including a V-12 OHV engine that used an aluminum block and heads. It started a new trend in fender design, with fenders that were streamlined with tight fitting wheel wells and smoothly integrated into the body. The design also included headlights that were flared into the fenders.

The owner, Ed Schoenthaler, found Teague and brought him to the show. Teague hadn't seen the car in nearly 70 years.

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ORIGINAL DESIGNER -- W. Dorwin Teague stands next to his creation, the 1930 all-aluminum Marmon V-12. Teague hasn't seen this Marmon for 70 years. Last year Teague served the Concours as an honorary judge. His legacy as an automotive and industrial designer has been preserved not only in this advanced, trend setting design restored by its owner, Ed Schoenthaler of Chicago, but it also can be read in his biography, "Artist as Engineer." See story "Car designer sees creation for first time in 71 years."Photo by Larry Weitzman

After his death, his son, Walter Dorwin Teague Jr., continued to run his consulting office, Walter Dorwin Teague Associates (WDTA).

Let’s have a look at the story about one of the earliest – if not the earliest – fiberglass bodied trucks – penned by Walter Dorrin Teague himself. And away we go…

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About three years ago, United Parcel Service came to Walter Dorwin Teague Associates to have us study problems of initial truck body cost, maintenance expense and operating costs in order to recommend economies wherever possible.

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Teague was accompanied at the Concours by his son Louis Teague, a film director whose credits include Romancing the Stone, Navy Seals, several Stephen King movies and a film entitled Collision Course, in which he directed Concours MC and participant, Jay Leno in 1987.

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For in the hidden pages of this long-lost tome was a story untold for decades – a story of the first fully built fiberglass truck and the man who designed it – well known industrial designer Walter Dorin Teague – famous for his design (son’s design) of the Marmon V16 car from the 1930s.

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Along with Raymond Loewy, Norman Bel Geddes, Henry Dreyfuss and others, Walter Dorwin Teague pioneered the field of industrial design in the early decades of the 20th century. In his designs for furniture and objects that ranged from table lamps to radios, Teague helped defined the Machine Age aesthetic — the streamlined style that was the American counterpart to the French Art Deco movement.

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Teague went on to become a rocket scientist, joining Bendix Aviation in the 1940s as a senior research engineer in rocket design. He eventually headed a team of scientists, including several from the German V-2 rocket program and Klaus Scheufelen, head of rocket development at Peenemunde, Germany, where the V-2 was developed. There were 4,320 V-2s were launched during the period of September 6, 1944 to March 27, 1945