Collapse of Late Bronze Age Civilizations Linked to Climate Change

The Bronze Age collapse was caused by climate …
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The Bronze Age collapse was caused by climate change: study

The Bronze Age marked the first time humans started to work with metal. Bronze tools and weapons soon replaced earlier stone versions. Ancient Sumerians in the Middle East may have been the first people to enter the Bronze Age. Humans made many technological advances during the Bronze Age, including the first writing systems and the invention of the wheel. In the Middle East and parts of Asia, the era lasted from roughly 3300 to 1200 B.C., ending abruptly with the near-simultaneous collapse of several prominent Bronze Age civilizations.

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of bronze brought an end to the Stone Age—the prehistoric period ..

Anja then went back to Yons's village with Elis's brother, to blow it up, but one of the mines Protas planted detonated and killed him. After hearing this Elis was more open to negotiations, the end result being Lowie and the Solos' freedom, and an end to 's 25 year war.

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Scholars believe a combination of natural catastrophes may have brought down several Bronze Age empires. Archaeological evidence suggests a succession of severe droughts in the eastern Mediterranean region over a 150-year period from 1250 to 1100 B.C. likely figured prominently in the collapse. Earthquakes, famine, sociopolitical unrest, and invasion by nomadic tribes may also have played a role.

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First Evidence Meteor Impact Ended The Bronze Age

Babylonia: Babylonia rose to prominence in the Bronze Age around 1900 B.C., in present-day Iraq. Its capital, the city of , was first occupied by people known as the Amorites.

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Later, Lowbacca went to Kashyyyk with Jacen, Jaina, and Tenel Ka in response to his sister, 's, coming of age and going deep in the underlevels of Kashyyyk to harvest strands of the deadly syren plant. Lowbacca had done this under unwise counsel alone, and Sirrakuk wished to repeat this, as did her best friend and Lowbacca's admirer, . When Raaba did, though, she disappeared and was presumed dead.

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