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To get an annulment, you must prove that you or your wife islegally married to someone else. Or, you must show that certainconditions were present at the time of the marriage (force, fraud,unsound mind, physical inability to have sex, or marriage of a minorwithout consent of parent or guardian). However, if you havewillingly lived with the woman as her husband after discovering anyof the above problems, you may have ruined your chances for gettingan annulment. It is best to consult a divorce attorney if you wish toannul your marriage.

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Bottom line, you are not God, Christ or a holy Angel. Therefore you do not have the power to change or help these types. Only God can and that is if they want help. They can receive healing and deliverance but again, they must desire it. From a personal perspective, healing begins after you are away from this person. You can not heal or allow God to intervene on your behalf until you leave the abusive marriage or relationship. Period. I think every one of us have been taken advantage of these types in one form or another. The problem is they are becoming more and more prevalent,

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The "horror" of intimate violence toward men is somewhatdifferent. There are, of course, hundreds of men killed each year bytheir partners. At a minimum, one-fourth of the men killed have notused violence towards their homicidal partners. Men have been shot,stabbed, beaten with objects, and been subjected to verbal assaultsand humiliations. Nonetheless, I do not believe these are the"horrors" of violence toward men. The real horror is the continuedstatus of battered men as the "missing persons" of the domesticviolence problem.

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Recently, I visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art [LACMA] where artist James Turrell has installed 11 environments that will change your perspective of perception.

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Not quite knowing what to expect of the James Turrell exhibit, it was thrilling to walk through every environment he created. Immediately, I connected to how his psychological and environmental points-of-view are aligned with how I work with perception management. The difference is that he works with spaces, and I work with people. But spaces and people are each their own unique environments! This got me super excited to experience each space, and made me feel easily bonded to how he dresses up spaces with light and color.

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These spaces, if you are able to visit LACMA [the Fine Arts Museum, Houston, and the Guggenheim in New York City are also simultaneously exhibiting James Turrell], are sure to change your perspective of perception. How is it that a beam of light can create what appears to be a three-dimensional object, yet it is not an object at all? How can you be absolutely certain that you are looking at a pink wall, when what you’re really looking at is the perfect combinations of a blue and of an orange? Can you imagine walking up steps and into a light-filled space that, once you are in it for some time, leaves you not knowing up from down, left from right, almost like you are floating in color-filled light?