18/03/2012 · Why Are You Atheists So Angry

We asked more than 3000 people what makes them angry. This is what they said.
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What the Bible says about this is, God is angry, Jesus is angry, but we don't have to be angry on the same level. Now this can get tricky, but you know that old saying, "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord?" We don't quote that a lot, but it is at the root of the issue here. That is, the sin of anger, if there is one, is putting ourselves in place of God in the analysis and resolution of ultimate issues. Or, what Jesus is asking us not to do is execute God-displacing behavior with our anger. Don't condemn and punish entire groups of people saying, "This is God's will". Don't judge and attack those Godless others, saying you are doing so for your national faith. Don't put yourself in God's place, presuming, concluding, maintaining that God can't take that place at any appropriate time. The sin in anger is taking God's place.

This explains why so many persons are blind to their own anger; such persons commonly say that because they do not  angry they must not  angry.
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Sermon "Why Are You Angry?"

What makes you angry or even ready to fight? What frustrates you, annoys you, or, as they say, drives you crazy? Is your anger instinctive, righteous, justifiable, or daily? Is your anger constructive or destructive? Or do you never get angry?

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I have a somewhat different answer than Loraura. I'm not sure mine's the right one either but it's how I used to always explain the anger issue to people. It isnt like normal anger (well, not like my normal anger) in the sense that it's about nothing. Like Nano said, it's the simple question and the person flies off the handle.

My belief was always that this hyper-sensitivity was related to the release of the neuro transmitter Norepinephrine which I understand is also one that meth effects strongly and which is basically described as adrenaline by alot of folks.

Having so much adrenaline constantly in your blood makes you very tense, and more than that.. it means that the fight/flight part of your brain is out in full force. It makes a user much more likely to perceive an interaction as a verbal attack even when it isnt one. This is especially true if many of your interactions are 'fights' because it the user will commonly expect critisim/attack and so will respond with such a sudden rage-feeling it's impossible sometimes to controle.

I know there were times when I had to tell my girlfriend through clenched teeth that she needed to not talk to me because I was feeling irritated. I told her it was the drugs.. and when it happened I knew it was.. but even knowing that I couldnt controle how I felt. She understood and would leave me alone. but then she was a user too.

But yeah.. that's my best description of the feeling.. and also my thinking on what causes it. It's more than just a lack of dopamine.. because it's a sudden RAGE... and I have never been someone to lose controle of my emotions.. I know what a lack of dopamine feels like. I was always very analytical of the chemical states my brain was in and became very good at diagnosing what I needed to add to the mix to 'fix' myself. I have never had a fit of rage.. but there were times I remember flipping out and yelling.. then immeadiatly afterward appologizing.. because I knew it was stupid and it was the drugs.

Anyhow.. Now I'm just rambling.. I hope that helps you some to at least understand. Though I want to be clear, I don't absolve a user of any resposibility for their actions just because I understand them. They choose to use.

10 Small Things That Make My Kids Really Angry
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