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On the small screen, producer Lew Grade’s Moses the Lawgiver (1973), forgotten now, was well received at the time, paving the way for Jesus of Nazareth — at the suggestion of Pope Paul VI, according to Grade. (Zeffirelli has also claimed that Paul VI separately suggested to him that he make a Jesus movie, and even that the Pope lobbied for him with Grade’s team.)

If Christians believe in a resurrected Lord who transcends history, why should we even bother with the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth?

The Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

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The whole transaction lay in the spiritual region of the life of Christ, but on that account it was not the less real and true.

The synagogue church has not been used for church services for over 100 years – since a new church was built next to it in 1887. It is now a place of mediation and private prayer for pilgrims who wish to remember Jesus, the Jewish teacher who grew up in Nazareth and returned there to give his message.

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In the time of Jesus, the Temple in Jerusalem was still standing, and was the focus of Jewish worship, as it had been for many hundreds of years. However, over the previous 200 years, synagogues had begun to appear in different parts of the holy land as well as in Jerusalem itself. The synagogue was complementary to Temple worship; it had developed first as a local meeting place, a place where people could gather and read the scriptures and discuss them together. Later on, by Jesus’ time, the regular reading of scriptures had become formalised, and had become the central part of the synagogue service. The synagogue was also a natural focus for the lessons of bible teachers and rabbis. The main difference between synagogue service then – when the Temple still stood – and now, was the lack of the formal prayers which now form a central element.

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It’s also because of the work’s unevenness. Jesus of Nazareth’s best sequences are brilliant, but they alternate with middling or indifferent material. Key moments like Peter’s great confession of Jesus and the Last Supper are reverentially staged, while other moments like the Parable of the Prodigal Son and Jesus’ trial before the Sanhedrin are dramatically reimagined — and not infrequently the latter are far more interesting and valuable than the former. Some of the best moments are fictional episodes, while some crucial Gospel stories have inexplicably been omitted.

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More than any prior Jesus film, Jesus of Nazareth strives not only to emphasize the Jewishness of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Jesus’ disciples, but to depict first-century Judaism as a complex, living cultural fabric capable of a range of nuanced responses to Jesus beyond full discipleship and sheer rejection. (Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, though not devoid of nuance here, was .)

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That Jesus Christ of Nazareth inspired such powerful belief for over 2,000 years may still be the strongest evidence of Jesus Christ’s life and ministry.