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20/12/2017 · Why Don’t Most Americans Realize They’re Getting Tax Cuts for Christmas

Why Intelligent, Caring People Don’t Vote

DON”T get me wrong, I hate having to bash on my country, which I still think is great. But I cannot stand our naive stances that we are #1. We are a great country with unprecedented power that came up with some freedoms others only dreamed about, However that was long ago, and we are slowly losing these freedoms as others take them to new heights. America, what could have been and what it is has made me shake my head. Let the UN vote on our chemical weapons findings. We are becoming more and more NAZIfied, which may lead to the third world war, and when that happens , realize that is on us, on our pathetic leaders and brainwashed civilians. Lets become the land of the free again, instead of the land of the consumer.

Why Don’t Most Americans Realize They’re Getting Tax Cuts for Christmas

An Expert Explains Why Americans' Vote Won't Matter - VICE

VICE: Let's start with a big question. Is it your duty as a citizen to vote?
Jason Brennan: There's survey data on what people think about this, and it's clear most people think there is a duty to vote. I'm pretty skeptical of that, and here's my rationale: When you ask people why is there a duty to vote, they'll say things like: "Well, you have an obligation to exercise civic virtue." Or, "You have an obligation to do something to promote the common good." Or they'll say, "You have an obligation to pay your debt to society." The problem is, none of these reasons show why voting is special. If you want to contribute to the common good, there are millions of ways to do that.

An Expert Explains Why Americans' Vote Won't Matter

To fellow Americans who oppose metric, you do know the American Military uses metric right?
What do you have against the military using metric? If you’re not with us then you must be against us. Why do you hate our troops? If you are opposed to metric you must hate our troops…how unpatriotic. Why do you hate America so much. True patriots love metric. Get on board with true American patriots and push for metrication of the USA!

There are plenty of incentives to vote, but here are 50 reasons why you should vote

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Oh this is so funny! To read the abuse you all hand out so readily to eachother. Trouble is it’s not funny. It’s highly embarrassing! The reactions I’ve seen against the first comment have been so outlandish, frankly loutish behaviour. USA? I expected better. A little more self control. You really have shown yourselves to be as scared and paranoid as everyone already knew you to be. Your answer is to attack, attack, attack. Shame on you. Let’s face it, wasn’t this supposed to be a simple debate about metric/imperial?
Why so nasty over such a mediocre question?… Answer: Paranoia

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Im British as well, and you’re saying what ever you said as if its the citizens of America’s fault, why are you blaming them?? Its only a system that not every country agrees with, why does it matter so much? Its not like if they don’t agree to the metric system the worlds going to end or something.

The U.S. is the Most Overworked Nation in the World

To: Karl
From: Ignorant American
There have been many things that the United States has decided to do differently than the U.K. To begin with, there was the whole taxation matter that caused the separation of our tiny colonies from, what was at the time, a world super power. Since then, we have prided ourselves on being friendly with, but different from the U.K. I completely understand that we are a minority compared to the world’s population but we managed to secure our liberty with only 3% of our population. With that said, I’m beginning to see a trend with our being different. So as I do respect your opinion, because our constitution allows that freedom here, I feel as if your comment was utterly unnecessary. The Metric system is a very useful measurement system but we will continue to respectfully be different. If you’re in a profession that requires you to deal with the conversion of these measurements on a daily basis, I would suggest seeking employment elsewhere. One thing I find interesting about your comment is that you mentioned the use of imperial measurements in daily speech. If you are so upset about our use of a dated system, why are you not with the times and using the correct units? You have had decades to adjust to the change, get with the times. In the mean time there is no reason to get so worked up about something you cannot control. With that said, I am going to go relax by shooting one of my many personally owned guns, after driving to the range on the right side of the road. Good day sir.

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The U.S. has been using both the Metric and Imperial sytems since 1875 with equal ability. That is why The United States is The ONLY super power in the world….and of course our Belief in a higher power….and I’m not talking about that unqualified decietful/ hater shoe salesman Obama.