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WHY are humans supposedly more important? “Sweetness” is not a measure of importance.
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Actually insects are more important. Without them all life on earth would die. Without humans all life on earth would flourish.
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“we have the issue of comparison with other species, and the concept of reference points. To be honest, I find this to be rather bizarre and a bit of a moot point. We are humans, so we consider the universe from the point of view of humanity. Why would we stop and consider the point of view of another species?” BECAUSE THEY ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU ASSHOLE, they LOVE, they DEFEND other beings risking teir lives (even crappy humans), thing YOU NEVER EVER will.

Why does suffering matter? Because this is the fundamental issue in the argument that says humans are more important than other animals.
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As for speciesism the whole point of my post was to show objectively why humans are more important than other animals. I came up with three demonstrable points to support my case, whereas speciesism is a prejudice. I didn’t say “humans are more important than other animals, just because”.

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We went to the “fucking moon”. Great. And there was fuck all there. We might as well have gone to Mars there’s fuck all there too. Our achievement would only of had merit if we’d all gone, and all stayed, and then at least the planet would be a swell place to live if your just a dumb animal that can’t come up with an advertising jungle; or stab a kid for his tennis-shoe status objects; or blogging and getting off on rousing the rabble, or anonymously posting about said rabble and rousing; or any of the other meaningless crap we come up with to cast ourselves as heroes in the mythology of our own goddamn self-importance.

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Why are humans supposedly ‘worth’ more than other animals? How do you know that other animals don’t have an imagination? That they don’t have intelligence? Or that they don’t have technology?
Whats to say that they dont have more technology? Also what does it matter that we have technology? WE are talking about life forces and importance to the universe. Honestly other species are more important to the universe than humans. We pollute the air while animals like spiders keep bugs from overpopulating. I say that you are wrong in this debate if anyone has comments against it i probably wont answer back to them being that i may never be on this website again.

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Your argument is invalid. Humans are not more important than animals. Take away animals, the world collapses. Take away humans, and the world actually gets better. So technically, humans are LESS important than animals. Oh, and just to clear things up, humans are in the animal kingdom.

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When you talk about our “importance”, I’m wondering why you think we are more important than other species?
I understand the view that we look after our own, as do all species. And therefore, can see human importance in that sense.
But should we not consider that we would not be here without other species? We cannot polinate plants – insects, birds, and bats do that for us. We cannot ensure the soils nutrient cycles – microscopic organisms and insects do that (mainly beetles, which number wise are far greater than humans). Without these organisms breaking down dead organic matter into inorganic materials that plants can then absorb, there would be no vegetation. Without vegetation, we would not be here.
Every organism on the planet is connected in a complex of food webs. Tiny changes in ecosystems effect biodiversity. Without this biodiversity, we would not be here as we are today.
Does this not make us and other organisms essentially equal? We need other animals to survive, they don’t need us at all. Infact, as pest species go, man-kind is the most damaging. The planet was here before us and will be here when we’re gone.