Do not go back to college just to interact with women

So, go to college, meet interesting people. You might even learn something useful.
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The first step to getting through higher education is deciding to go to college. Address the reasons for and against a college education. Focus on the many ways a degree will help you reach your long-term . Remember that college is a once in a lifetime experience that will benefit you in many along with getting a degree.

I recovered slowly and soon went off to college--without even really thinking about going on another mission trip in the near future.
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1) A college degree is meaningful depending on the field you go into, such as what Mike had iterated previously.
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And yet there was an article in the NYT the other day which told us that many companies are demanding a college degree for every job, even message runners and receptionists. I can hardly see a way around this except for going into business for yourself.

4 Brilliant Reasons To Not Go To College
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I like this because you spoke about refining the way you think. I still say that college’s biggest impact on my life was that it taughty me how to use my brain. What do I mean by that? Exactly what you have stated:
“The tools are the way by which you think. These include rationality, analogy,
and context among wide list of others. With a good education you will be better at
making connections, evaluation situations, and making informed decisions. Having a
better understanding of the world allows you to more quickly and effectively do all
of these things. This not only makes you better at your job but also better at
other things in life and happier in general.”

10 Reasons Not to Go to College May 26, 2010 | Ashley Thorne ..

Is college necessary? What are your personal reasons for (or against) going to college? Join the discussion about Mr. Stephens’s arguments in the comments box below.

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We need to see college as a choice, not a requisite. Social norms dictate that we all need to go to college — but if you look through history, how many times have social norms steered us in the wrong direction?

Why everyone shouldn’t go to college.

The programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 that provide grants, loans and work-study funds from the federal government to eligible students enrolled in college or ca...

17 Reasons Why You Should Go to Class in College

Meanwhile, physicians, lawyers, public administrators, engineers (not the software kind), research scientists, and other career paths will continue to require a college degree and the resources needed to support it.