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William Shakespeare wrote an astounding 144 sonnets within his life time....

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Though Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 and Spenser’s Sonnet 75 from Amoretti both offer lovers this immortality through verse, only Spenser pairs this immortality with respect and partnership, while Shakespeare promises the subject of the sonnet immortality by unusual compliments and the assurance that she will live on as long as the sonnet continues to be read....

In William Shakespeare's Richard II, the plays titular character faces exactly this dilemma.

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In William Shakespeare’s play, Richard III, Richard is portrayed as physically deformed and psychologically affected.

The theme of fate and freewill is central to William Shakespeare’s play Richard III, in which Richard III battles with the two in his quest for the crown.

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We also need to be aware of setting for the analysis of characters. Again, travels abroad were not commonplace for all, so the dramatization of events occurring in Italy would have been a sort of "vacation" for the audience. In a setting that was foreign to his audience, Shakespeare could get away with tales that were fantastical, surreal, decadent, and outlandish. Many of the comedies consist of noble young people running around causing mischief without a care in the world. Several of the tragedies reveal the inner mechanics of a castle and its inhabitants ñ also running around and causing mischief, but usually ending in murder and much bloodshed. The audience is again transported to another world. The three plays we will read for this unit provide these "vacations" for their audiences. reveals the inner workings of a military installation, takes the audience to a faraway castle where a murderous/treasonous plot is hatched, and places the audience in decadent Italy where youngsters run about causing mischief.

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His diary states that he

‘was so conversant with the musicians, and so willing to gain their favour, especially at this time, that I composed an air myself, with the assistance of Mr Ives [the famous composer], and called it Whitelock’s Coranto, which being cried up, was first played publicly by the Blackfriars Music, who were then esteemed the best of the common musicians in London.

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In William Shakespeare's Richard III, the Duchess of York seemed vague with her responds, She seems very patient also with Richard III at the being of the play; nonetheless She never explore her hatred throughout the play.