"Son of God" means "Servant of God" in Hebrew

Instead of teaching she joined the Canadian Women’s Army Corps and served from 1943-1946.
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All of mankind are the servants of God

The Beijing conference built on political agreements reached at the three previous global conferences on women, and consolidated five decades of legal advances aimed at securing the equality of women with men in law and in practice. More than 17,000 participants attended, including 6,000 government delegates at the negotiations, along with more than 4,000 accredited NGO representatives, a host of international civil servants and around 4,000 media representatives. A parallel NGO Forum held in Huairou near Beijing also drew some 30,000 participants.

"For those women that lead a life of virtue, the husband with or without character is visible god."
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Dressed in White: The Media’s Assault on Black Women…

In the view of native-born Americans, that is to say those who were white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, these Irish women were defying tradition gender roles. By 1855, 74 percent of all domestic servants in New York were Irish women, and these numbers were probably very similar in the Philadelphia area. Upon their arrival in the United States, many Irish immigrants struggled to find work, and many women would work in the area of domestic service in order to support themselves and their families. In the eyes of American women, this was unusual, and some of them may have even felt threatened by it. Many saw these servants at threats to order in the home.

Canfield was an organizer of the Community Schools, served as president and treasurer of the Crapaud Women's Institute, and was a secretary of the St.
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But in those establishments which cannot be called large, the mistress engages all the women servants, and the master the menservants. In giving the character of a servant leaving your service, you may well bear in mind the golden rule before named, “Do unto others as you would they should do unto you,” and be guided by it. It certainly is not carrying that rule into practice, to give a false or unjust character, or to withhold information which it is of importance the new mistress should possess.

Foreign Service women did not return to their jobs after a birth but Ingrid chose to after the birth of both her children.
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Women’s International Center - Honoring, Encouraging, …

That science of policy which the preceptor of the Asuras knew, that science of policy which the preceptor of the celestials, Vrihaspati, knew, cannot be regarded to be deeper or more distinguished for subtility than what woman’s intelligence naturally brings forth. Verily, how can women, therefore, be restrained by men? They make a lie appear as truth, and a truth appear as a lie.
They who can do this, - I ask, O hero, - how can they be ruled by persons of the opposite sex? It seems to me that Vrihaspati and other great thinkers evolved the science of policy from observation of the understandings of women.

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This, O puissant one, is a sinful disposition with us women, that, casting off modesty, we cultivate the companionship of men of sinful habits and intentions. Women betray a liking for those men who court them, who approach their presence, and who respectfully serve them to even a slight extent. Through want of solicitation by persons of the other sex, or fear of relatives, women, who are naturally impatient of all restraints, do not transgress those that have been ordained for them, and remain by the side of their husbands.

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We celebrate the life of Noni Gotti whose spirit transitioned in 2016 and express profound gratitude for her years of service as Executive Assistant to the Women’s International Center as well as for her faithful and dedicated assistance to our dynamic founder Gloria Lane. Noni may be considered a heroine to all for her help winning a years-long legal battle waged by herself and Lawyers Against Lawsuit Abuse to protect individuals and California businesses from fraud and extortion regarding disability access. We celebrate her courage in appearing in Sacramento before the Senate Committee which helped influence Governor Brown's signing into law of this important legislation. Noni appeared on the cover of the and on local news. Thank you now and forever Noni for speaking up and for using your voice to make our world a better place!

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Of course I was immediately put off by this statement after reading Winthrop Jordan's "White over Black: American attitudes toward the Negro, 1550-1812", which has quite the opposite idea stated in it. Fortunately, Eric Williams' essay nearly tears itself apart on its own without any help from me, as he failed to recognize his own inherent classism and racism. It is his idea that because blacks were not the first to be used for free labor, just the cheapest form of fr...