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Wuthering Heights broke the mold; it is told solely by characters in the book, mostnotably Mr.
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Since Emily Bronte is constantlyundercutting him, you can see him as cold (his love problems, unlike Heathcliff's, stemfrom the young lady's returning his feelings), insincere (despite his declared love forsolitude, he craves company and returns to Wuthering Heights when it's clear he's notwanted), and arrogant (he assumes that the younger Cathy doesn't fall in love with himbecause she can't recognize "a better class of people").

Cathy may not be afraid to go to Wuthering Heights, but you areafraid for her.
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And of Wuthering Heights Catherine was thinking as she listened: that is, if she thought or listened at all; but she had the vague, distant look I mentioned before, which expressed no recognition of material things either by ear or eye.

'There's a letter for you, Mrs.

WUTHERING HEIGHTS: STYLE Emily Bronte's language is both spare and dense,which is why it's often compared to poetry.
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Linton say if he heard you?'

'Excuse me!' answered a familiar voice; 'but I know Edgar is in bed, and I cannot stop myself.'

With that the speaker came forward to the fire, panting and holding her hand to her side.

'I have run the whole way from Wuthering Heights!' she continued, after a pause; 'except where I've flown.

WUTHERING HEIGHTS: FORM AND STRUCTURE Part of what makes Wuthering Heightssuch an extraordinary novel is its complicated narrative structure.
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Turning from poetry to fiction, Charlotte wrote The Professor andJane Eyre; Emily, Wuthering Heights; and Anne, Agnes Grey--all under their pseudonyms.

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For one thing, she makes her bias obvious from thebeginning, when she refers to the Lintons as "we." She is a ThrushcrossGrange-type character, so you have to question her judgments of the Wuthering Heightspassions.

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In Wuthering Heights the distinctions between life anddeath, and between the commonplace and the extraordinary are broken down, making life moremysterious and precarious.

The Earnshaws are Yorkshire farmers during the early 19th Century

I had sought shelter at Wuthering Heights, almost gladly, because I was secured by that arrangement from living alone with him; but he knew the people we were coming amongst, and he did not fear their intermeddling.

I sat and thought a doleful time: the clock struck eight, and nine, and still my companion paced to and fro, his head bent on his breast, and perfectly silent, unless a groan or a bitter ejaculation forced itself out at intervals.

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And far rather would I be condemned to a perpetual dwelling in the infernal regions than, even for one night, abide beneath the roof of Wuthering Heights again.'

Isabella ceased speaking, and took a drink of tea; then she rose, and bidding me put on her bonnet, and a great shawl I had brought, and turning a deaf ear to my entreaties for her to remain another hour, she stepped on to a chair, kissed Edgar's and Catherine's portraits, bestowed a similar salute on me, and descended to the carriage, accompanied by Fanny, who yelped wild with joy at recovering her mistress.

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History seems to be repeating itself, for it was because of a dog's attack that Lockwoodwas forced to spend the night at Wuthering Heights, and that the older Cathy was firstbrought to Thrushcross Grange.